Helpful and Detailed Guide on How to Clean Window Tint

The tinted window makes our rides sleeker, cools the car interior, provides a car with more privacy, and many other related benefits. Generally, cleaning tint windows becomes a challenge to many of us because we need the best cleaning solution that will be safe for our window tint and the car.

There are many and different window tips and tricks to clean tint car windows out there, but you need the dependable and easy ones. And without a supportive guide, you might land on ineffective ways leading to frustrations on your tinted windows. Luckily I have provided the best and practical ways to clean window tint to meet your expectations.

1. Choose the safe cleaner.
Generally, you can make your homemade solution cleaner from rubbing alcohol and
baby soap for your window tint care. Take a clean spray bottle and add about
two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol along with 4 to 5 drops of bay soap. Fill
your bottle with distilled water and mix the contents.

Alcohol aids your cleaner to typically evaporate faster and steak free; it aids
to dissolve oils/ grease and safely disinfect your window tint.

2. Mix equal portions of white vinegar and water
You can use a bucket or spray bottle; mix 2 cups of white vinegar and water.
Further, stir the mixture creating an easy and cheap disinfectant. Besides,
white vinegar is a perfect and effective natural cleanser, and also it fights

3. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners.
When shopping for window tint cleaners, avoid products with ammonia. This is
because they will make the tint fade and peel off. Instead, Fort Collins window tinting
we have helpful solutions for you; ammonia-free best window cleaner
such as ZEP, Sprayway, or Ammonia–free Windex works perfectly. And you can find
them in our automotive stores or hardware.

4. Test your cleaner of a small portion of window tint
Before you spray the entire window, sprinkle a little portion of your homemade
mixture and utilize the microfiber cloth to gently wipe it off. And if you
notice some streaking or discoloration, avoid using the spray on other windows.
And if the homemade will not work, use the ammonia-free window tint cleaner for
excellent results.

5. Wipe your windows down
First, park your vehicle in a shade because direct sunlight will dry out the
cleaning products quickly. And this might lead to streaks and soap build-up.
Next, wash the rest of your vehicle before you move to the window. This is
because the window is more visible parts in cars, so accidentally splattering,
spraying, or spreading dirtiness while washing the other parts of your vehicle
will lead to your tinting and window becoming dirty again.

6. Spray your cleaner on a clean towel and wipe down your windows
Use a microfiber cloth, spray your cleaner twice or once on the towel. Further,
use this specific towel and wipe it down outside and inside your tinted
windows. Ensure you are not leaving streaks and on difficult stains; consider
loosening it via soaking in the cleaner for some minutes. Essentially, avoid
saturating tinting edges since this can lead to peeling away and losing its
stickiness from the window. The microfiber cloth is to ensure you won’t scrape
or scratch your tinted windows.

7. Wipe the cleaner using a microfiber towel
You can wipe either right to left and down and up. But don’t allow the cleaner
to eventually dry before wiping to avoid it steak on the window surface.
Besides, wiping horizontal will make it simple to locate the missed spots.

8. Dry your window using a microfiber cloth
Take another cloth and wipe any cleaner left on your tinted window. Please
avoid using the paper towel since its rough surfaces might scratch your car or
windows tints.

9. Smooth any bubbles in your window tint using a credit card
If there any bubbles, consider wrapping a credit card right in your microfiber
cloth, press on the window tint surface with bubbles. Further, push the bubbles
out on the tint edge, getting air out while smoothing the window tint surface.

10. How to avoid wearing on window tint

(a) Avoid using explicit rough scrubbing products such as
newspapers, towels, and scouring pads.
(b) Avoid utilizing ammonia-based cleaners
(c) If possible, clean your vehicle in shady areas


Cleaning window tint is affordable and straightforward with a supportive guide and local window tint contractors like Fort Collins. If you have been struggling to clean your window tints, relax! We got you covered. For more helpful information on how to properly clean tinted window, please contact us

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